JTL - Volume 10, Number 2 (April 2016)

doi> Demand estimation of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) using stated preference technique and binary logit models, by Udit Jain, Pradip Sarkar, Anupan Vibhuti, Divyesh Arora (article in English).

doi> A multiobjective metaheuristic approach for the integrated vehicle and crew scheduling, by Bruno de Athayde Prata (article in English).

doi> Changing the road transport for a rail transport to access a Brazilian airport, by Anna Carolina Corrêa Pereira, Leise Kelli de Oliveira, Antônio Artur de Souza (article in English).

doi> Development of a feasibility model for a High Speed Rail (HSR) line project, by Reinaldo C. Garcia, Aline Goulart, Thais da C. Veiga, Luiza V. da Cunha, Marcos Vilarindo,  (article in English).

doi> Measuring accessibility: Effects of implementing Multiple Trip Generating Developments, by Jessica Helena de Lima, Maurício Oliveira de Andrade, Maria Leonor Alves Maia (article in English).

doi> Estimation Model of Urban Transport Freight Costs Based on the Road Network Vulnerability, by George Vasconcelos Goes, Bruno Vieira Bertoncini (article in Portuguese).

doi> Location and concentration of logistics activities in Brazil, by André Catapan, Mônica Maria Mendes Luna  (article in Portuguese).

doi> Analysis of vehicle occupancy for the inclusion of beneficiaries in urban public transportation, by Sérgio Silvestrini Ferreira, Heloisa Maria Barbosa (article in Portuguese).