JTL - Volume 9, Number 3 (July 2015)

doi> A review of critical gap estimation approaches at uncontrolled intersection in case of heterogeneous traffic conditions, by Harsh Jigishbhai Amin*, Akhilesh Kumar Maurya [Paper in English].

doi> Micro-simulation based evaluation of queue jump lane at isolated urban intersections: an experience in Kolkata, by Bhargab Maitra*, Kinjal Bhattacharyya, Roshan Jose, Manfred Boltze [Paper in English].

doi> Characterization of the Spatial Behavior Patterns of the Monitoring Vehicles - SBPMV, by Eduardo Jun Shinohara, Mariana Abrantes Giannotti, Cláudia Aparecida Soares Machado*, José Alberto Quintanilha [Paper in Portuguese].

doi> Application of paraconsistent decision method selection technologies in urban public transportation, by Sandro Gomes Rodrigues*, José Matsuo Shimoishi  [Paper in Portuguese].

doi> A model to predict a pavement condiction index in asphalt pavements, by Sérgio Pacífico Soncim*, José Leomar Fernandes Junior [Paper in Portuguese].

doi> Solving the integrated schedule generation and fleet assignment problem: an aco-based metaheuristic approach, by Daniel Jorge Caetano*, Nicolau Dionísio Fares Gualda [Paper in English]. 

doi> Methodology for identification of bicycle route networks in urban areas, by Jefferson Ramon Lima Magalhães*, Vânia Barcellos Gouvêa Campos, Renata Albergaria de Mello Bandeira [Paper in Portuguese].

doi> Analysis of efficiency and effectiveness of public transport of Brazilian cities, by Marcius Fabius Henriques de Carvalho*, Takao Suguiy, Daniel Nithack e Silva [Paper in English].

           - * corresponding author.