JTL - Volume 10, Number 4 (October 2016)

doi> Transport costs and allocation of demand: the logistics network analysis of a brazilian producer of nitrogen fertilizers., by Alessandra Andrade Pereira, Murilo Alvarenga Oliveira, Ilton Curty Leal Júnior (article in Portuguese).

doi> Pedestrian safety in urban roundabouts, by Johnny Vieira de Souza, Archimedes Azevedo Raia Jr (article in Portuguese).

doi> The scientific research context of urban transports for Bus Rapid Transit systems applications, by Alvaro Luiz Neuenfeldt Júnior, Julio Cezar Mairesse Siluk, Sabine Ritter De Paris (article in English).

doi> Detecting mobility patterns in an attipical day through smart card data: an analysis of the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan trips during carnival, by Gabriel T. de Oliveira, Alan Jeferson de Oliveira da Silva, Carlos David Nassi (article in Portuguese).

doi> An investigation of factors influencing performance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): applications in transportation, by Don Nash II, Judith L. Mwakalonge, Judy A. Perkins (article in English).

doi> Peak hour evaluation – A methodology based on Brazilian airports, by Dilson Pereira Paulo Filho, Carlos Müller, Paulo Tsai Wang (article in English).

doi> Essay about nodes of logistics networks, by Orlando Fontes Lima Jr (article in Portuguese).

doi> Empirical assessment of competitive impacts of regulatory rules of airport slots redistribution, by Alessandro V. M. Oliveira (article in Portuguese).

doi> Fleet size and fare optimization for taxi under dynamic demand, by Baozhen Yao, Lu Jin, Qingda Cao, Junjie Gao, Mingheng Zhang (article in English).