JTL - Volume 10, Number 1 (January 2016)

doi> Methodology for the exploration of scenarios related to the construction of Uruguayan ports in the region of the Lake Merin, by Cástulo Eizmendi Fossati, Milton Luiz Paiva de Lima, Ana Maria Volkmer de Azambuja* [Article in Spanish].

doi> A hybrid model incorporating revealed preferences and data envelopment applied to freight transportation in Brazil, by Thiago Graça Ramos*, Alessandro Martins Alves, João Carlos Soares de Mello, Marco Antônio Farah Caldas, Eliane Ribeiro Pereira [article in Portuguese].

doi> Assessment of the services on road transportation of dangerous goods, by Marne Lieggio Júnior*, Sérgio Ronaldo Granemann, Carlos Henrique Rocha, Orlando Fontes LIma Júnior [Article in English].

doi> Airline assessment with data envelopment analysis model clustered by scale of operation, by Ariane Lima de Moura*, Ana Paula dos Santos Rubem, João Carlos Correia Baptista Soares de Mello [Article in Portuguese].

doi> Social, technical-economic, environmental and political assessment for the evaluation of transport modes for petroleum products, by Dante Bachi Junior, Geraldo Lucio Tiago Filho, Maria Rachel Russo Seydell* [Article in English].

doi> Neural estimations of travel time of buses under the charter sustem using data from the global positioning system, by Antonio Wagner Lopes Jales, Carlos Augusto Uchôa da Silva [Article in Portuguese].

doi> Public transport: whole-body vibration and comfort of passengers, drivers and conductors, by Marilu Alcântara de Melo Figueiredo*, Luiz Felipe Silva, Tiago Leão Barnabé [Article in Portuguese].

doi> Uncracked joints in plain concrete pavements: causes, effects and possibilities of improvements, by Mauricio Pradena*, Lambert Houben [article in English].