JTL - Volume 9, Number 1 (January 2015)

• A framework of performance indicators used in the governance of logistics platforms: the multiple-case study , by Rafael Mozart da Silva*, Eliana Terezinha Pereira Senna, Orlando Fontes Lima Júnior, Luiz Afonso dos Santos Senna [Paper in English], 9(1), 5-9, Jan.

• Supplier selection for victims care by natural disasters considering the logistic lead time of the products in the procurement phase, by Fabiana Santos Lima*, Daniel de Oliveira, Mirian Buss Gonçalves [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 10-14, Jan.

• Efficiency comparison of bus operators in Delhi, by Deepshikha Batheja* [Paper in English], 9(1), 15-19, Jan.

• Performance evaluation by MEPDG: the effect of bituminous thickness varying on flexible pavements, by Nayara Donelli Pelisson, José Leomar Fernandes Júnior, Carlos alberto Prado da Silva Júnior, Heliana Barbosa Fontenele* [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 20-24, Jan.

• Heuristics to solve the integrated airline crew assignment problem, by Wagner de Paula Gomes*, Nicolau Dionísio Fares Gualda [Paper in English], 9(1), 25-29, Jan.

• Combined application of non-parametric and parametric models for modal choice estimation, by Cira Souza Pitombo*, Aline Schindler Gomes da Costa [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 30-34, Jan.

• Identification of factors for the effective decentralization of regular international passenger flights in Brazil, by Rodrigo Rosa da Silva Cruvinel*, José Augusto Abreu Sá Fortes [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 35-39, Jan.

• A variable neighborhood decomposition search meta-heuristic applied to bi-dimensional variable sized bin-packing problem, by Jorge Von Atzingen dos Reis*, Claudio Barbieri da Cunha [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 40-44, Jan.

• Procedure for use of artificial neural networks in the strategic planning of load flow in brazil, by Daniel Neves Schmitz Gonçalves*, Marcelino Aurélio da Silva, Márcio de Almeida d'Agosto [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 45-49, Jan.

• Proposal of a model for evaluation of operational safety at airports based on Borda and Promethee II methods, by Tiago José Menezes Gonçalves*, Anderson Ribeiro Correia [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 50-54, Jan.

• Selection procedure and analysis of transport alternatives for exporting bio-ethanol, by Yuka Akasaka, Marcelino Aurélio Vieira da Silva*, Ilton Curty Leal Jr. [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 55-59, Jan.

• Alternative logistical scenarios for cabotage of amazonas using computer simulation, by Rafael Lima Medeiros*, José Teixeira Araújo Neto dos Santos, Nelson Kuwahara, Márcia Helena Veleda Moita [Paper in Portuguese], 9(1), 60-64, Jan.

Notes:  - * corresponding author.