Editorial Policy

[Important Notice] Journal of Transport Literature was discontinued in 2016 and no longer receives submissions. All articles published in Journal of Transport Literature in the 2007-2016 period are archived and fully searchable and downloadable. Authors and readers can access the articles by clicking on the link below.

Available papers are published in English and Portuguese, in the areas of transport and the associated infrastructure services, with an emphasis on management, planning, public policy, economics, logistics and the associated socio-economic, regulatory and environmental impacts.


The editorial policy of the Journal of Transport Literature (JTL-RELIT) is described below.

JTL-RELIT publishes its four editions at the beginning of each year. Authors may submit their papers at any time during the year. Our policy is to provide refereeing and publication decisions within four months of receipt of manuscript. The editors may occasionally, at their own discretion, change these deadlines if an article is of particularly high quality. Some papers may take longer, but we are strictly committed to editorial deadlines.

JTL-RELIT considers submissions of papers previously presented at conferences, symposia and seminars. Indeed, the journal strongly encourages authors to present their research in many research forums and to improve their papers based on comments they receive before submitting them for publication.

The journal contains two sections: Research Directory and Reviews & Essays

• Research Directory

The purpose of the Research Directory section is to present the transport community with original, high-quality research. Papers published in this Section discuss the latest outstanding developments in the field and make innovative contributions to the study of the problems of emerging transport markets.

• Reviews & Essays

The purpose of the Reviews & Essays section is to help transport researchers and practitioners keep abreast of research in the field. To this end, the journal publishes extended survey articles and essays, as well as book reviews. Papers published in this section must be formatted as a self-contained article, providing the reader with a broader view of the area covered (extended survey) instead of simply reviewing an article or book. Essays with less innovative but interesting subjects are also published in this section. Important note: the editorial board of JTL is currently focusing its efforts on articles for the Research Directory section. Manuscripts are therefore considered for the Reviews & Essays section only under very special circumstances.