Aims and Scope

We are proud to state that the Journal of Transport Literature (JTL-RELIT) is the only scientific journal in the world with a strong focus on emerging transport markets. By emerging transport markets we mean transport industries in countries experiencing rapid social and economic growth and industrialization, such as China, India and Brazil. JTL-RELIT aims to contribute to scientific developments in the field of transport in these countries.

Our focus on emerging markets does not mean that we only receive submissions on this subject. In fact, JTL-RELIT welcomes contributions from all over the world, as experiences from highly developed countries are key to scientific progress in the field of transport.

JTL publishes original research papers on all aspects of transport economics and management and covers all forms of transport and the associated infrastructure. JTL also publishes papers on transport-related sectors, such as the tourism and fuel sectors.

The journal aims to cover the latest outstanding developments in the field, which are published in the Research Directory section. Review articles and technical reports are published in the Reviews & Essays Section of the journal.

Some of the areas covered by JTL-RELIT are

• Transport economics, logistics, management and planning
• Transport regulation, public policy and privatization
• Social-economic, regulatory and environmental impacts of transports
• Upstream and Downstream sectors, such as infrastructure, fuel, distribution and tourism.