The Journal of Transport Literature (JTL-RELIT), e-ISSN 2238-1031, is a fully electronic, open-access, high-quality, peer-reviewed journal focused on the challenges of emerging transport markets.

JTL-RELIT publishes scientific articles and reviews in connection with all forms of transport, the associated infrastructure and related sectors. The main objective of JTL-RELIT is to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the area of transport management, planning and economics, with a special focus on emerging markets. Papers reporting experiences from all regions of the world are welcome.

Our journal aims to provide a permanent forum for the academic transport community all around the world. RELIT is an acronym for the title of the journal as it is known in Brazil, Revista de Literatura dos Transportes. According to the Brazilian federal agency CAPES at the Ministry of Education, the Journal of Transport Literature is among the best journals in the country.

JTL-RELIT is the only transport journal certified by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT), a research institute in the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Following are some important characteristics of JTL-RELIT:

• International online journal;
• Indexed by Scielo;
• Available at the Transportation Research Board - TRID online database;
• Focus on emerging and developing transport markets;
• Welcomes papers reporting experiences from all over the world;
• Covers transport economics, management, public policy, regulation and environmental issues;
• Covers all passenger and freight transport modes;
• Welcomes all quantitative and qualitative research methodologies;
• Sections: Research Directory, Reviews & Essays;
• Published quarterly;
• Peer-reviewed and double-blind refereeing process;
 Allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions
 Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 BR
• Highly experienced international editorial board;
• Papers in English, Spanish and Portuguese;
• First published in 2007;
• Entirely open access journal;
• Commitment to strict editorial deadlines;
• Immediate release policy (all accepted papers available online as soon as their corrected proofs are ready);
• Average turnaround time under four months;
• Published by the International Transport Planning Society, ITPS;
 Cristina Barbot Outstanding Referee Award.


JTL is funded by CNPq and CAPES (MCTI/CNPq/MEC/CAPES N. 25/2014 - Programa Editorial).