JTL - A Journal on Transport Developments around the World

Emerging countries such as Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa have the fastest growing economies in the world, and the transport sectors in these countries have been widely leveraged by the dynamics of this growth. Scholars and specialists face huge challenges in the important fields of transport planning and management not only to investigate transport-related problems but also to contribute to innovative solutions to the specific problems faced by the transport sectors in these markets. With increasingly globalized economies, advice and contributions from experts is extremely important from the perspective of both public policy and private management, especially for the development of methods and practices that focus on intermodality. The Journal of Transport Literature (JTL-RELIT), e-ISSN 2238-1031, is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that aims to provide a permanent forum for the academic transport community. RELIT is an acronym for the title of the journal in Portuguese, Revista de Literatura dos Transportes. The main objective of JTL-RELIT is to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the area of transport management, planning and economics, with a special focus on emerging markets. Papers reporting experiences from all regions of the world are welcome. RELIT is published quarterly and is committed to strict editorial deadlines. It is published by the International Transport Planning Society, ITPS.

JTL - Volume 10, Number 4 (October 2016)

doi> Transport costs and allocation of demand: the logistics network analysis of a brazilian producer of nitrogen fertilizers., by Alessandra Andrade Pereira, Murilo Alvarenga Oliveira, Ilton Curty Leal Júnior (article in Portuguese).

doi> Pedestrian safety in urban roundabouts, by Johnny Vieira de Souza, Archimedes Azevedo Raia Jr (article in Portuguese).

doi> The scientific research context of urban transports for Bus Rapid Transit systems applications, by Alvaro Luiz Neuenfeldt Júnior, Julio Cezar Mairesse Siluk, Sabine Ritter De Paris (article in English).

doi> Detecting mobility patterns in an attipical day through smart card data: an analysis of the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan trips during carnival, by Gabriel T. de Oliveira, Alan Jeferson de Oliveira da Silva, Carlos David Nassi (article in Portuguese).

doi> An investigation of factors influencing performance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): applications in transportation, by Don Nash II, Judith L. Mwakalonge, Judy A. Perkins (article in English).

doi> Peak hour evaluation – A methodology based on Brazilian airports, by Dilson Pereira Paulo Filho, Carlos Müller, Paulo Tsai Wang (article in English).

doi> Essay about nodes of logistics networks, by Orlando Fontes Lima Jr (article in Portuguese).

doi> Empirical assessment of competitive impacts of regulatory rules of airport slots redistribution, by Alessandro V. M. Oliveira (article in Portuguese).

doi> Fleet size and fare optimization for taxi under dynamic demand, by Baozhen Yao, Lu Jin, Qingda Cao, Junjie Gao, Mingheng Zhang (article in English).